Happy news for all our EU customers. Orders up to £150 now include all taxes and customs, so there are no additional charges after your receive your parcels

Update for EU customers - valid from 1st July 2021

Hello there, my lovelies across the Channel,

I am going to keep it nice and simple for you. I did my research and I tried to figure out how to make the whole shopping experience with us post Brexit easier and smoother for you.

Unfortunately, there is no way at the moment how to include import VAT and duty tax in our prices of yarn so you don't have to pay extra post delivery. I am really sorry about it.

I'm too small a business to be able to afford and pay a VAT representative who would be dealing with import VAT in an EU country at the moment. 

So only change after 1st July will be, that ALL goods will be charged with import VAT and duty tax by postal service which will deliver parcel to you, regardless of its value. There is no 20 EUR (+/-) threshold anymore. :(

Please be prepared and think about this additional cost when purchasing from us. I could just stop selling to the EU for the time being, but I don't want to do it for customers who still want our yarn and are willing to pay these additional expenses. 

Another option would be to buy from one of our stockists within the EU, which can be found on our retailer page here. 

This said, I am still hopeful that there will be some kind of deal between the UK and the EU in the future which won't completely demoralize small businesses and their customers.